Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the road (well, in the air) and a very nice review.

By the skin of our teeth, we snagged the last two available seats from Okinawa to Seattle. By 10:30ish on Saturday morning, we should be stateside and bitching about the lack of palm trees. As I type this, I'm sitting in Yokota waiting for the final - and uber long - leg of our three-flight journey.

Thanks to the wonders of wi-fi and iPhones, I got a nice surprise while I was standing in line in Okinawa. The Pagan & the Pen gave Between Brothers "four tarot cards", which is their version of four stars. The review itself was very nice, too. So, hooray reviews!

So now, I shall sit on the hard floor of the airport for the next two hours, then get back on the plane and continue being giddy over my good between working on another book that should wait until Light Switch is done, but is demanding attention nonetheless. But then, since I'm tired as hell, all my brain is good for right now is jotting notes, so I might as well. Once I'm rested? Beta reading, Light Switch, and working on this new book (which, incidentally, will likely be a novella).

Back to purgatory...

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