Sunday, April 25, 2010

Annnnnd we're here.

That was relatively painless. Aside from being subjected to New Moon as an in-flight movie (which is, I believe, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention), the flights were smooth, uneventful, and eventually deposited our carcasses in Seattle.

While careening across that sky at 30,000 feet, I spent a lot of time on my new project. I think I've got it mostly ironed out, and this will definitely be on the shorter end, thank fuck. Probably a novella. Now, I'm going to keep this particular project a little more under wraps than some of my others. In order to explain why, I'd have to give away more than I'd like, so you'll just have to take me at my word that I'll go into more details later.

Light Switch is, of course, still my top priority. Once I've pierced the foggy shell of jetlag and can again focus enough to string together a coherent paragraph, it'll be back to work on that book. It's nearly done, thankfully. Then it'll be edited, sent off to an editor, and I'll be working on my Super Sekrit Skwirrel new project.

Well...I'll be working on it when I'm not running around the Seattle area to visit people and squeeeeeing about the fact that the 30 Seconds to Mars concert is rapidly approaching. Mark my words: The first draft of Light Switch will be done before I leave Seattle. I haz spoken.

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