Monday, May 17, 2010

Aloha...zzzzzz....and waiting rooms.

So I'm currently "stuck" in Hawaii for a few hours. After a rather lengthy delay, a broken plane, and a long night in the terminal in California, we made it partway across the great puddle. In a few hours, it's on to Okinawa.

There is something about cargo jets. Seriously. Last time we traveled cargo class, the idea for Behind Closed Doors sprang into my brain and demanded attention. This time? One-Eighty (you'll never guess who came up with the title).

Now, I already had this one in the back of my mind. It was little more than a nebulous idea...some faces, nothing more. Then we hit cruising altitude and, in between struggling to get comfortable and stay warm, I started hearing voices. The next thing I knew, the three characters came marching in, sat down in the character waiting room, and proceeded to draw attention to themselves.

Character waiting room, you're probably not asking yourself? That would be the little compartment of my brain where characters sit and wait until such time as I start writing their book. It's a rather noisy place, especially lately. New ideas are arriving by the boatload, and the waiting room is getting crowded. Bastian and Ian are pleading for massive rewrites. *mumble* and *whisper* are demanding I write their sequel at once. Alex and James want their respective stories told now. *sigh* Demanding bastards, all of you. And now Carter, Reid, and Jordan have joined them.

As you can well imagine, that room is indeed mighty crowded and noisy. They'll all have to wait, though. I'm finishing up edits on Camera Shy, which I expect to have back to my editor in the next day or two, depending on jetlag and time in the air vs on the ground. Light Switch is nearly finished. Rain will be a novella, so it won't take long.

After that...I'll wander into the waiting room, peer over my clipboard, and announce the name(s) of the character(s) who will be granted the privilege of exiting the character waiting room. Until then, I'm going to invest in some soundproofing, and you can entertain yourself with a nibble of Colin:

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  1. I think you should live on planes.

    Also, I approve of Colinnibblingz.