Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rain and Hothouses

As of tonight, my first ever novella, Rain, is done. Now to edit the little bastard and send it out into the big scary world.

So, for the rest of the week, I will most likely be editing Rain and Light Switch. Once they're done, then what?

Then what, indeed.

You see, my loyal blog minions, Scarlett and I have been plottering and scheminating. We've been discussing the possibility of doing something - yes, a nebulous something - over a weekend at some point, and that some point has arrived. Or, well, it'll arrive this weekend.

As she's already mentioned in this hyuh blog entry, we're going to spend the weekend "hothousing" some ideas. What this means is, we're going to spend the entire forty-eight hour period (minus time off for sleeping and other such negligible things) going over ideas that have been sitting on the back burner, piddling around in our brains, chilling in the character waiting room, or otherwise being neglected. Outlines will be outlined, names will be named, and by Monday, I suspect we'll both be itching to get all these newly-formed characters out of our heads and onto the page.

Now, this won't just be a relaxing weekend of liesurely brainthinkery. No, we'll be pouring on the Miracle-Gro, plugging in the electrodes, and making these ideas grow from abstract thoughts into full-fledged stories. Will every last one of them survive the journey from hothousing to actually being written? I doubt it. Some will peter out for lack of a compelling plot. Some will go back on the back burner to percolate a bit longer. Many will be discarded. Some might even be traded between Scarlett and me like football players. The strongest will survive.

And, come Monday, the first draft will begin for the loudest among them.

It will be madness, my loyal blog minions. Complete and utter madness. But it will also be productive. With any luck, it'll result in some sort of literary badassery that will make all the insanity worthwhile.

Pfft...worthwhile? This is going to be fun. That in and of itself will make it worthwhile.

Oh, and that reminds me...

Sam Worthington is hot.
Hot, and Australian.


  1. I foresee menny fulthingz this weekend.

  2. Finally! My Sam pic! I melt.

  3. Fear not, Vanessa...he'll be making more appearances. ;) In fact, I do believe he'll be in this week's Friday Mancandy...

  4. Just wait until you see him in Terminator...

  5. The fact that he's in it is probably the only thing that will persuade me to watch it.