Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Mancandy - The Jewels Down Under

You perverts...that is totally not what I meant.

I meant "Down Under" as in "Australia."

Yes, for this week's Friday Mancandy, we'll be touring Australia to see what delightful treasures that country has given us to shamelessly objectify.

We'll start at the snooker tables, because Scarlett would kill me if I didn't include Neil Robertson.
And while we're in the neighborhood of people who compete under the Australian flag, why don't we run by the swimming pool?

Yes, Scarlett, the swimming pool.

Because that's where one goes to find Ian Thorpe:
NOM NOM NOM. I can't decide if he looks better with the skintight wetsuit on...or without the skintight wetsuit:
Now it's off to the recording industry, where Australia has bestowed upon us the smexy likes of Darren Hayes...
...and not-born-in-Australia-but-raised-there-and-counts-because-he-has-the-accent Peter Andre.
And speaking of those who weren't born there, but were raised there and have the delicious accent, here's some Sam Worthington-shaped goodness:
Yep, Sam, we need a cold shower too...
And a little Adam Garcia, by Scarlett's demand:
So...that's it.

Nothing more to see here. No more smexiness from Australia.

What's that?

I forgot someone?

How negligent of me. After all, how could one possibly objectify the men of Australia without including Hugh Jackman?
Hugh, you look lovely, but you're not showing nearly enough skin.

This will do quite nicely:
Ooooh yeah. In fact, now I think I need another cold shower. Perhaps-

What's that, Hugh?

You need one too?
You're welcome.


  1. Ooh hello Adam...<3



  2. Can I vote for Ian Thorpe without the wet-suite?

    *dribbles on her keyboard*