Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like a busy little bee.

Whenever someone refers to "making a beeline" for something, I am reminded of something my brother once said and has probably long, long forgotten (seeing as I have a photographic memory while he has selective amnesia). Late one evening when we were probably 8 and 10 or so, on the way home from some outing or another, our parents informed us that when we got home, we'd be making a beeline for bed, as it was well past both our bedtimes. Normally, we were both quite resistant to the idea of calling it a night, but my brother was unusually compliant.

"Okay, I can do that."

Cue suspicious looks from the parental units. Then he elaborated: "I mean, have you ever watched a bee? They go from one flower to the next, and the next, and the next, so a beeline is actually all over the place and-"

"You're going to bed when you get home," one of my folks cut in before he had a chance to finish.

Fast forward to 2010, and I'm making a brother-style beeline from one project to the next. With the Band is calling to is NSFW...and Someone Borrowed...and Until Proven Guilty...

*sigh* I'm in "flit mode" apparently. Can't quite settle on a project, several of them are calling to me, etc. Now, I love having a bazillion ideas that want attention. I'd rather have the bucket overflowing than empty. That said, it's frustrating to be this unable to focus. This may be the one downside to doing a hothouse weekend: instead of one fresh idea in my head, I have several, and they're all vying for attention. The amount of noise in the character waiting room right now is absurd as half a dozen characters try to be heard (hey, that kinda rhymed...).

As with everything that goes on at this desk of mine, it's madness.

So, my word counters will probably be changing back and forth for the next day or two until a character grabs me by the throat, threatens me with bodily harm, and demands his or her (or their) story be told right now. At the moment, NSFW is in the lead. Give me a few hours, or let Scarlett make an offhand comment about, well, anything, and God only knows what I'll be working on.

ADD? Me? NooooOOOOoooo...

And of course, all of this insanity is going on in between waiting for the announcement that The Best Man has been released, at which point you can expect me to add "constantly checking Amazon sales ratings" to my spastic to-do list.

Writing...outlining...Amazon updating...

Yep, I'm keeping busy. Just like a busy...little...bee...

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