Monday, May 31, 2010

A Review, A Release, and a Rewrite

Bunch of stuff going on here...

First, Reviews by Jesse Wave posted a 4.5 star review of Nine-Tenths of the Law. Hooray!

The summary of the review: "Zach and Nathan were one of the more exciting couples that I had the pleasure to know recently. Great sex, wonderful heat and tender emotions made for an unusual romance. This was a really enjoyable story." Click on the link above to read the entire review.

Second, The Best Man will be out later this week, so keep an eye on this blog and my website for links. It's due out on Wednesday, which is Thursday here.

And finally, I'm now knee-deep in the rewrite of With the Band. My word counter mostly reflects old material right now...stuff I've salvaged from the original and put into the new. So if it shows 15,000, and you come back in an hour and see 25,000, your eyes do not deceive you, but I have not written 10,000 words in an hour. (I wish!)

Anyway, that's the latest update from Japanistan. Back to the grind...

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