Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost to the end

At this point, Reconstructing Meredith is sitting at about 74,000 words, and I have a feeling it won't be over 80,000 when it's done. I think it's a safe bet I have 5,000 words or less before it's finished. That said, I am finishing this book today and that is final. Then I will probably sleep for about 18 hours.

I looked at one of my crazy obsessive spreadsheets that tracks my productivity, and realized I just started this book on the 6th of July. That boggles my mind. Writing a first draft quickly isn't all that unusual, but I swear it feels like I've been knee deep in this book for months. Granted the idea came to me and has been percolating since mid-June, but even still, it feels like it's been considerably longer than not-quite-three-weeks.

Anyway, back to work on it, and I'm not going to bed tonight until this thing is finished.

5,000 words. 5 unfinished chapters. 16 hours.

Then, I am taking tomorrow off.

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