Friday, July 9, 2010

The Reconstruction Continues.

Some of you may have noticed that The Safe Word has been rechristened Reconstructing Meredith. I'd been chewing on that title for a while, and now that I've written the first couple of chapters, I've officially made the change. The original title fit when I still had just a basic idea of the story, but the new one is much more apropos for the direction the story is taking.

And what a direction it's taking. Jesus. I'm going to need therapy by the time I'm done with this book. It is kicking. My. Ass. One of the main characters is an emotional disaster, and it takes its toll on the other main character. By extension, it can take its toll on me. I know that sounds ridiculous to a lot of people, but the writers among my loyal blog minions probably know what I mean. Sometimes it's fun to make our characters' lives hell, but sometimes we get emotionally wrapped up in them too. Case in point: I got choked up three times while writing chapter 2 of this book...and that chapter is one of those scenes(tm). I think my next book is going to be a light-hearted comedy of some variety.

Anyway. I'm only about 10,000 words in, so it remains to be seen if this book will see the light of day or wind up in the Wangstbasket. I've been threatened with varying types of unpleasant bodily harm by a few betas if I don't finish it, so hopefully it will pass the first Milestone of Destinah today, the second in a few more days, and traipse merrily past the Wangstbasket to the elusive finish line.

In other news, A.J.'s Angel has made the rounds to several betas, and has so far gotten the thumbs up from everyone, so with any luck, it'll be off to my editor sometime next week. Fingers crossed!

And now, back to Reconstructing Meredith. Someone please pass the Prozac...

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