Friday, August 13, 2010

All kinds of random things.

Lots of updates going on here.

First, I now have print copies of The Next Move in my hot little hands! SQUEEE!!!
Always love getting the paperback version. Hopefully I'll have The Best Man in a few months, and Nine-tenths of the Law and The Distance Between Us are both due out in 2011. Cover Me will probably also be out in early 2011 or so.

Speaking of books coming out in 2011, A.J.'s Angel is officially contracted to Samhain Publishing, and is due out in April 2011. It's a novella, so it will be ebook only.

Annnnnnd speaking of contracts, congrats to Scarlett for selling Plus One, which is due out in November 2010. Buy it, loyal blog minions. It is tres hawt.

As for my own writing, I'm still plugging away at The God Charade. So far, so good. Had to take yesterday off because of a blinding headache, but I'll be back on it today. It's been strange, wandering back into the world of SFF, but it seems the characters have taken a hint from my romance characters. No, not like that, though one pair has been trying to get one of those scenes(tm) to occur on-camera. Not happening, folks, sorry. Anyway, they all seem to like hijacking the outline. You'd think they'd be a bit wary of crossing me, seeing as I've been slaughtering a good many of them in cold blood. For a bunch of people with doctoral degrees, they aren't being too bright...

Anywho, those are the updates on the writerly front. If the weather holds out this weekend, Eddie and I plan to spend some time floating facedown in the water, so expect some pictures of brightly colored and/or dangerous sea creatures soon.

Stay tuned...

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