Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surprise, surprise...

So, today was supposed to consist of several hours of floating facedown in the water, but the weather gods decided to crash our plans with a wicked rainstorm. Now, what difference does that make? After all, we're going to get wet anyway, right? Well, I'm cool with swimming in the rain, but the lightning? Yeah, not so much.

No snorkeling today, sadly.

The day wasn't a complete loss, though. For reasons unrelated to the weather, we got a late start, which meant I spent another hour or so on MSN with Scarlett. The offhand comments were flying today. Just random comments about stories, characters, mancandy, what have you.

And through all these random comments, a light did shine within mine skull, and I had an epiphany that would have been really nice to have like, I don't know, a fucking year ago?

Remember With the Band? Remember Bastian? Remember all the blog entries in which I've said I intend to get back to that story and rewrite it a third time, because there's something wrong upon which I can't quite put my finger?


After more than a year, two full drafts, and three revised outlines, Bastian has finally informed me of the problem: With the Band was never meant to be written by Lauren Gallagher.

It was meant to be written by L. A. Witt*.

*facepalm* How the hell did I not know this? Seriously. It's like, now that it's hit me, I can't believe I ever thought differently. I mean, duh.

So, it appears that my project after The God Charade will be With the Band 3.0, and hopefully the third time will truly be the charm. Hopefully Bastian F. Koehler is done revealing information that he should have revealed about 125,000 words ago.

In other news, I have the first round edits for Cover Me, so I'm plowing through those in between being distracted by Bastian. Very excited to see Cover Me getting closer to its release date - if all goes as planned, my loyal blog minions will be able to get their grubby little cyber-paws on it on September 8 or so. Hopefully that means I'll be showing off some cover art soon, too, the very thought of which makes me squeeeeeeeee. recap...Cover Me is almost edited, The God Charade continues, snorkeling was rained out, and Bastian likes teh ladz.

Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' shirt is unbuttoned.
* If you're not familiar with my work, Lauren Gallagher is my pseudonym for heterosexual erotica and erotic romance. L. A. Witt is my pseudonym for gay male romance.

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