Monday, October 11, 2010

The best laid plans and all of that....

Well, okay, this was supposed to be a hothouse weekend wherein I would force a dozen or so ideas into outlines. Or something resembling an outline, at least.

So here it is, 5:30 pm on day 2, and I've outlined precisely 1.5 books. Counting Cards, an erotic romance novella, is outlined. Until Proven Guilty, an erotic thriller, is about half-outlined. Oh, and Disengaged is edited. And submitted.

I can't say I haven't done anything, but I still have all these un-outlined story ideas staring at me with pitiful puppy dog eyes, wondering when they'll get a chance to stand in the spotlight. There are a lot of sad faces in the character waiting amongst a few devious-looking shifty-eyed bastards who are probably planning to get revenge when I do get around to sketching them out. Guess I had that coming, didn't I?

I still have 7 hours or so tonight, so plenty of time to tinker with some ideas, and hey, I'm just happy to have made this much progress on Until Proven Guilty. It's a crazy complicated convoluted story, and I've had to pick my poor husband's brain like nobody's business for all the police stuff. This shouldn't have surprised me, given the amount of hair-pulling and head-desking that Cover Me caused me. Thrillers are complicated. Who knew?

So, anyway, back to merrily outlining and tinkering.

Tomorrow? Counting Cards begins.

November 1? Until Proven Guilty, this year's NaNo novel, begins.

And right now?

Shannon Leto is effing hot.

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