Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maybe NaNo, maybe not.

So I'm not sure if I'll be doing NaNoWriMo this year after all. My competitive side is itching to do it, but there's one wee little problem:

Damaged Goods might not be done yet.

You see, loyal blog minions, my characters are not cooperating. Damaged Goods began as a neat, tidy little novella with every chapter laid out in an orderly fashion. A novella in 12 days? Easy. No problem. Write it, edit it, submit it, and be ready to crack down on Guilt by Association (formerly Until Proven Guilty, new title courtesy of Scarlett) on November 1st.

As I tinkered with the outline, it became clear the scope of the story extended beyond the realm of a novella. Okay, so it would be a short novel. Still plenty of time to get it written.

In just two days, though, Damaged Goods has erupted into a full-blown characterocracy, with characters demanding new chapters with no regard for the nearness of November 1. Just this morning, I woke up to my male main character saying, "I want another chapter. Add it at once." You know, because he hadn't already demanded three new chapters yesterday in addition to combining two and drastically altering another.

I think I can still get it done before NaNo, but there's a good possibility this one will march right into the first week of November. If it does, I'll probably just pass on NaNo for this year, but I will still be cheering everyone else on from the sidelines.

Now, back to trying to convince a certain character that no, he is not in charge of this outline.

And now he's laughing.




  1. I'm thinking twice about NaNo myself. I have line edits for two novels to see to, which won't take long - what worries me is jumping from Daniel to Spencer back to...whoever.

    So it's not so much the 50k word count that bothers me, but not being allowed to keep my mind on one novel at a time.

    NaNo's great for pushing you through to the end of a project, but it just so happens that this year I'm contractually obligated to concentrate on other things, so my attention will be diverted away from whatever first draft I'd be NaNo-ing.

    And of course, I still have FJ to finish. I've been working on that, on and off, since June and I don't want to lay Devon aside any longer or he'll really get pissed off...

  2. I don't see how it really matters so much, you've turned your whole life into Nanowrimo. I was wondering about that actually, what do you get out of Nanowrimo? I know that I'll be loving the camaraderie (two humans and the rest online) and the thrill of 50,000 words on a new novel in 30 days.

  3. NaNo is pretty much irresistible to my competitive streak. 50K a month is easy for me, so I aim for 100K now, but it's still fun to be competitive and also cheer on those around me.

  4. I hope you'll do it..we'll need your encouragement!