Sunday, October 17, 2010

Submissions Calls - Champagne Books/Carnal Passions

One of my publishers just put out a submissions call, so I'm passing it along for anyone who might be interested:


Carnal Passions – we are in need of m/m and m/f novellas and BDSM at the moment. We are also accepting other genres for our erotic imprint.

Champagne Books – we are in need of Sci-fi, Fantasy, Western Historical, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal and Steampunk at the moment. We are also accepting other genres for this imprint.

For both imprints, we are looking for something unique in the vampire sub genre. We are not looking for manuscripts that closely resemble the Twilight series.

Judy Gill is our Acquisitions Manager. Please put in your cover letter that you are responding to the submissions call put out by me.

Champagne Books and Carnal Passions are e-book publishers. Please check out our submission guidelines.


Your humble blogger here again. Carnal Passions is the publisher of several of my books, and I highly recommend them.

And with Amanda Kelsey on board, their cover art is effing amazing:

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