Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Productive blogger is productive.

It's been a pretty productive week, particularly since I've had Aislinn Kerry kicking me in the butt and not letting me slack off when I sooooo wanted to a few times. Funny how productive one can be when someone is threatening you with a 2 x 4...

Anyway, Damaged Goods is past the 50,000 mark, and I've made considerable progress on every unfinished chapter, so now it's just a matter of finishing each chapter. It's looking more and more like I'll have this sucker done before the first, and you know what that means: NaNoWriMo.

A few people have asked what I get out of NaNo, since 50,000 words a month is pretty easy for me these days. Quite honestly, I'm just too competitive for my own good. ;) If I do NaNo this year, I'll be aiming for 100K, possibly 150K. We shall see. The book is all outlined and ready to roll, I just need to finish Damaged Goods first. Oh, and it needs to be November. And stuff.

Today, though, there won't be much writing, owing to the fact that I need to spend the day reviewing the galley copy of Until It's Over. That's always something that gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, it's tedious as hell to go through the book again when I've now read it 78 billion times. On the other, it's exciting because this is the last step before the book comes out. But, boring or exciting, it has to be done, so I get to spend the day curled up with my ereader and reading filth. Can't complain. ;)

And of course, someone who won't be named but was mentioned above has decided I should still write 2,000 words today. Minimum. Jesus, between her and Scarlett, I wonder why I don't get much sleep...*mutters* slavedrivers...

Anywho, off to read some filth. You too will be able to read the filth in question on November 3 - keep an eye on this here blog and my website for links! Also, I'll be appearing on another blog for an interview on the 11th, so stay tuned for a link.

And before I go, I will leave you with what is arguably my favorite picture of Robert Downey Jr:

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