Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Goals - A Year in Review...and sort of taking a break.

With NaNo '10 behind me, I am, to say the least, a little burned out. After staring at a blinking cursor for twenty minutes this morning, I've decided I need to take a little breather. Who's Your Daddy? is going on hold so I can recharge the writing batteries, not because there's any issue with the story itself, and I'm going to focus on some revising, outlining, and all the other things I mentioned in yesterday's blog entry.

So, since I'm pretty much putting a lid on 2010 as far as writing new material, now's as good a time as any to look over the year's goals and see if I did okay.

I didn't get an agent like I'd hoped, so that's going to carry over into 2011. I've got a few WIPs lined up that I plan to query to agents in the new year, most of them in different genres than my usual erotic romances. I'll still be writing erotic romances, of course, but I'm broadening the horizons a little.

Speaking of which, I'd also planned to step out of my genre at least twice this year. I started The God Charade, which is SFF, over the summer, and I've got a couple of thrillers under my belt now. So, I'll call this one a success.

In terms of numbers, it was a damned good year. My goal was 6 contracts, I got 11. I had a few months where I didn't finish a first draft, but others where I finished two, so it averaged out to one a month. Get 5 more books subbed after June 1? Check. 60,000 words minimum every month after June 1? Check. I can't complain.

All in all, 2010 was a successful year, even with a few bumps and setbacks along the way, particularly in the first few months. Looking forward to an even better year in 2011 (preferably without the bumps and setbacks)!


  1. Dayum. I'd definitely say that 2010 was a successful year! I just hope you don't quit writing erotic m/m entirely - that would make me sad.

  2. Not to fear! :) I'm not giving up erotic fiction, definitely not M/M, just broadening the horizons a little. There will be more dirty manlove in 2011, don't you worry. ;)