Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flitting, flitting, flitting...

I normally have a rule that I don't work on more than one first draft at a time. But, you know what? I break all my own rules all the time, so why the hell not?

Right now, I'm flitting between three books: All The King's Horses, Infinity Pools (the sequel to Getting off the Ground), and my zombie story, which has stolen its title from a trunked fantasy novels, The Enemy of My Enemy. The first two are fully outlined. The third isn't even close, but I've started writing a few chapters just to get a feel for the characters. All three books are calling to me, and they're all keeping me up at night. Bratty characters...

It's also still my month off, so I'm not really putting much pressure on myself to make progress on any of them. It's kind of nice, bouncing between books as one or the other calls to me. Come January 1, I'll settle on one and work on it exclusively, plus I'll have my daily quotas to meet, but for now, meh. I'm having some fun doing some flitting and tinkering. That, and I should be getting a galley copy of Light Switch to review pretty soon, so it's as good a time as any to not be knee-deep in a WIP.

So, for now, there will be three active word counters on my blog, all of them moving sporadically and probably slowly. The pressure's off for another ten days or so, and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it.

Also, just because I feel like it, here's some Jared and Shannon Leto goodness:
Now...back to tinkering...

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