Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Galley copy, ahoy!

A variation of Murphy's Law dictates that whenever I have umpteen billion stories bouncing around in my skull, that's when a galley copy will appear in my e-mail box. True to form, Light Switch arrived today. Of course, galley copies take precedence over everything else, so I'm dropping everything and reading. So, the characters of these new stories will just have to sit tight for a day or two.

And, of course, I'll have to keep a notepad handy because one particular set of characters is being exceptionally vocal. The boys of Infinity Pools are doing their level best to keep a stranglehold on my attention, but now Static is on the menu too. That one fell into my head yesterday, and has been pretty much consuming my brain ever since. Sleep? Pfft. Not with these characters yakking at me 24/7.

No complaints, of course. Galley copies mean a book is about to come out. Characters keeping me up all night mean a story that has potential. I'm just kind of hoping the deluge of new characters slows down until I can catch up with everything I have outlined, percolating, marinating, and otherwise waiting to be written.

So, today? Light Switch galley copy.

When that's done? More Infinity Pools.

After that? Static.

And since the next season of my new favorite TV show starts next week, the same day Light Switch comes out, here's a pic of Ben McKenzie from Southland...

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  1. Yay for having plenty of new ideas on the way. :)