Sunday, December 5, 2010

Out and about on Okinawa...

It's been a while since we've taken a trip to go take pictures, and we finally got out again to do so today. Our destination was Cape Hedo, which we've photographed a few times, but there's always a new angle or random plant to capture our attention. That, and it was a gorgeous day. T-shirt weather in December is awesome.

Behold...the pictures:

One thing about Japan is that pretty much anything you can imagine ends up as snack food.
Personally, I could have gone my whole life without imagining this as snack food:
Those are some good drugs, man...
Ice cream vendor next to the road...nearly as common as Coke machines:
I have no idea what this sign means:
Our first stop was a flea market...
...where they take security very seriously:
Then it was on to Cape Hedo, which we've seen before:
George and Elisa, however, had not beheld its magnificent, rocky glory until today.
Upon close inspection, they found the area to be to their liking, and gave it their stamp of approval.

Rocks. Grass. A Fence. Art:

A tiny plant in a rock. I know, I know, stunning:
If you look very closely here, you will see a cliff rabbit in the background. There is also a rock gnome in amongst the plants...
A wind turbine...
And finally...

Rail road crossing:
There you have it, another fine day in Japan. I'll be going out again later this week, so expect more photos in between some writerly updates (what? you actually thought I shut off all things writing-related just because I'm on vacation? Pffft...)

Stay tuned...

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  1. I think the weird plant sign basically means "Please do not crap in the bushes". That's my best guess, anyhoo.