Monday, December 13, 2010

Various updates.

Apparently I'm not very good at taking time off. Less than a week into my self-imposed month-long vacation, I started on Getting off the Ground, which is a novella for a submissions call. I'm not exactly down to the wire for the deadline, but I needed to get the story out of my head. It's just a novella, though, and those usually take me less than a week to write. So, I'm aiming to get it done, edited, and submitted before the end of the month, but otherwise, I'm not really pushing myself to write, reach word count goals, etc. until January.

And of course, as the burnout diminishes, the brain is starting to work overtime. This is when ideas start coming at me from all directions. That's great, of course...better to have too many ideas than not enough...but OMG, slow down!! I think I have enough outlines to see me through June 2011.

In other news, edits for Light Switch are done and turned in. As soon as Getting off the Ground...well...gets off the ground, I'm shifting gears to do the requested revisions on Damaged Goods. I don't expect that to take too long; just need to switch a few chapters around, smooth over a couple of iffy spots, and make a minor tweak to the ending. After that, I haven't quite settled on the next project. There are more edits coming down the pipeline, and I need to do a mahoosive rewrite of Guilt by Association, least I won't get bored.

And finally, may I just say that I freaking love Jared Leto's new hair color?
I like it. So sue me.

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  1. *Refrains from saying 'I told ya so'* :P *Ogles teh Jared*