Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Mancandy - The Shoulder Showcase Strikes Back

It's been a little over a year since The Shoulder Showcase, an edition of Friday Mancandy in which I indulged my undying love of shoulders. Well, I think it's time for another edition of the same, don't you? After all, I can't get enough of that particular body part, and hopefully my loyal blog minions can appreciate it as well.

So, I present to you...

The Shoulder Showcase Strikes Back

And of course, a sexy pair of shoulders usually goes hand in hand (so to speak) with a sexy pair of arms, as evidenced by the lovely Robert Downey Jr...

Mr. Butler, you are under arrest...
...for keeping clothing on THESE:
A new face (well, okay, you can't see his face in this one) for the mancandy roster, and I'm sure you'll understand why Cliff Simon is joining us here at AINW:
And a familiar set of shoulders -- er, face:
God. Want.
Ever want to see my blood pressure shoot through the roof?

Throw this picture at me when I'm not expecting it:
Don't know who it is?

Here's a hint...
Still haven't guessed? Give it a few. It'll come to you. ;)

And I really can't decide if shoulders look hotter from the back...

...the front...
...or the side:
Who the hell cares, really? Shoulders like this look good from any angle:
Gorgeous shoulders must run in that family. Seriously.

There you have it, my loyal blog minions: More hot shoulders. This will probably not be the last installment. Coming soon...the Return of the Washboard Abs.


  1. I approve of the inclusion of Cliff Simon.


  2. I will be sending you my cleaning bill, madam!

  3. Glad you both approve. :D

    Shoulders. Are. Awesome.