Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gallagher at White Beach

Today, I finally got to see Gallagher live. He was doing a free show down at White Beach, and since no one likes to drive alllllll the way out to White Beach (roughly 20 minutes from Kadena), there weren't a lot of people there. Win!

Anyway, it was a hilarious show, combining his usual standup with his usual...


Come on. It's Gallagher. What do you expect?
Behold! The Sledge-o-matic!
I believe this was about 3 nanoseconds before I ended up with Spaghetti-Os in my hair and in my purse.
Seeing as we share a last name (my maiden name is Gallagher), there's a minute chance we're distantly related.
I fail to see the resemblance, though:

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