Monday, February 7, 2011


Since my friend Meghan had never been to Cape Hedo, we drove up there today. It was a bit hazy, but I figured we could still get some good pictures. Nice warm day, shorts weather instead of being freaking cold like it's been lately, etc. Now, I've been to Cape Hedo several times, but we were in for a treat today: a pod of humpback whales!

These pictures aren't exactly going to be gracing the cover of National Geographic any time soon, but it should be enough to convince the "pictures or it didn't happen" crowd. That, and they make me squeeeee because seeing whales is awesome.

It all started with some "OMG, did you see that?" and some frantic pointing out at the water:
Why yes, they are whales.
Go go gadget zoom lens!
How freaking cool is that? Seriously.
I could watch these things all day long.
Whale tail!
Always wanted to see a humpback whale breach, and...
Coolest. Thing. Ever.
Whales are awesome. I could've sat there all damn day.
So that was my excitement for the day. Kind of glad I decided to go with Meghan instead of watching the Super Bowl this year, because...damn.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Must have been an amazing experience. Lucky you guys!

  2. I've been to Wales, but never seen a whale.


  3. Gorgeous, darlin'! Thanks so much for sharing these!