Saturday, April 9, 2011

Darling, it's better, down where it's wetter...

...under the sea!

(What the hell did you think I meant? Jeez, some people are dirty...)

Anyway. Today was nice and warm, so my husband and I grabbed our snorkel gear, pointed the car in a northerly direction, and went up to Kouri Island for some snorkeling. Okay, didn't quite make it to Kouri, but we could SEE it from the other end of the bridge. See, there's this itty bitty little island surrounded by a coral reef... naturally, we had to swim out there and check it out. Last time we snorkeled here, the visibility blew and there was a jet skier making things a wee bit dangerous, but today? The water was crystal clear and there were no jet skis in sight. So we made the swim, which was, I don't know, 100 meters or so, and inspected the local wildlife... (all photos from here on out are by my husband)
Tons of coral, obviously.
And where's there's coral...there's FISHIES!
Lots and lots of fishies...
And little spiny prickly things we couldn't identify...
The elusive Lori-fish, photographed in defensive "take my picture and see what happens, jackass" mode...
Sea anemone and a giant clam:
See? Anemone and giant clam:
An anemone on some coral...
Really close to the island, there was less coral, but more large rocks that we could swim between. Always a good place to find creatures.
Such as...PUFFER FISH!!
Puffer fish are awesome. Now that we have seen one (several, actually), the snorkeling season has officially begun. Expect loads more pictures soon, since we plan to get in as much snorkeling as we can before we move this fall. And once the water warms up, because today? Just a wee bit chilly.

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