Sunday, April 10, 2011

Traipsing around the island again

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living on Okinawa? Because I totally do. Nebraska will be fine and dandy, but I assure you, there won't be views like this:
And...Komaka Island? WTF is that? Well, if you were a loyal blog minion last summer, you may have seen our photos from our shenanigans on that tiny little island. Zoomed in a little, it looks like this:
Bet you can't guess where we're going next weekend, weather/workload permitting. :D

Couldn't get out there today, though, so we just kept driving, and ended up at one of the castle sites Eddie and I visited when we first got here in 2008. There isn't much left of the castle, and since our last visit, they've leveled out the path that leads down to the water (party poopers! Half the fun was having to climb down on a rope!) and filled the awesome cave with concrete. Le sigh.
But there was plenty of gorgeous scenery left. I mean, seriously...
It just doesn't get any prettier than Okinawa.
My friends, to the beach!
Low tide. Warm water. Off with the shoes and into the tide pools! Not like there's any deadly cone snails around to sting our unprotected feet or anything.
George was having none of this "wading into the water" nonsense.
Elisa, harassing some local wildlife...
Eddie, doing some reflecting...
"No, I'm NOT getting in the water."
Oh look, a cone snail.
Elisa, wandering around the tide pools...
Tiny snails...
Tiniest crab ever...can you see him?
Closer look...
Annnnnnd time to call it a day.
As I said, depending on the weather and my workload, we're planning on hitting up Komaka Island next weekend. Pics to follow.

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