Saturday, May 21, 2011

Twitter & Television - A Few Commandments

So current TV shows, sports games, etc., are frequent topics on Twitter. Understandable. Heaven knows I've done my share of fangirl tweeting over 30 Seconds to Mars.

That said, I really think there needs to be some etiquette for tweeting about television on the twitterverse. I've had to unfollow a few people because it was just getting out of hand, and I've been hearing similar grumblings from other Tweeters.

Thus, I present to you:

The Five Commandments
Television & Twitter

  1. Thou shalt be mindful of those in other time zones where a game or episode may not have yet aired, and thou shalt withhold thy spoilers.
  2. Thou shalt remember that thy tweets appear in the twitterstreams of numerous other members who may not share thy enthusiasm or concern for a dropped ball or a ridiculous plot twist, at least not to such an extent that they wish to suffer fourteen consecutive tweets about a single bad play.
  3. Thou shalt be mindful of the fact that when one sporting event is occurring, there are usually a dozen other events occurring at the same time, and those fans may also be tweeting play-by-play commentaries.
  4. Thou shalt exercise moderation when retweeting the commentary of other twitter members who are saying precisely what thou hast just tweeted thyself.
  5. Thou shalt not tweet incessantly and mightily and abundantly about how horrible a particular episode is, and how thou art swearing off that show forever, only to resume tweeting about it in the same vein the following week.
Practice these commandments, and thou shalt gain the gratitude of thy followers, verily.

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