Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breaking Some of My Own Rules

First things first, Stumbling Over Chaos is holding a drawing for Trust Me, the soon-to-be-released sequel to Cover Me. Comment to win!

Also, if you haven't been by my webcomic lately, I've updated it twice in the past week and hope to have another strip posted in the next week or so.

Finally, today's the day I'm taking over Beth Wylde's Chat Loop to give away some books and generally cause chaos and mayhem. The chat runs from 7a-7p on June 28th, which means I'll be up all night because that's 8p-8a my time. Sleep deprivation does weird things to my brain, so definitely stop by for a taste of the madness.

With all of that out of the way -- onward!

Some of my loyal blog minions may have noticed that I'm currently working on a book titled Meredith Reclaimed. And that title does bear a striking resemblance to Reconstructing Meredith, doesn't it? Is there something I'm not telling you?

Why, yes, there is: Meredith Reclaimed is the third book in the series.

Now, anyone who was hanging around this blog a year or so ago may recall me going absolutely insane writing Reconstructing Meredith. That story put me through the wringer almost as much as it did my characters.

This time, my loyal blog minions? O. M. G. Let's just say Meredith Reclaimed is darker than its prequel. It's not an easy road to travel down, but roads like that lead to the happiest endings.

That said, I can only handle this story in small doses. Because...yeah. It's pretty intense.

And that brings me to the second word counter currently appearing on my blog: I'm working on two books at once. Normally, I only work on one at a time. Otherwise, I end up flitting back and forth between two, three, fifteen books and wind up with eleventy billion partly-finished books, but nothing actually finished. This time, though, I need a second WIP to keep me (relatively) sane. My plan is to write a minimum of 2,500 words on each book every day, so they'll take longer to finish, but they'll both get finished.

So, now I'm working on Meredith Reclaimed, and as a diversion, Conduct Unbecoming. Hopefully that will result in me maintaining some sanity, rather than draining what little I have left to begin with.

Also, I would hereby like to blame Wave from Jessewave Reviews for the existence of Conduct Unbecoming. How is she responsible? The answer is coming July 6th. Stay tuned...

For now, I'd like to close this blog entry by introducing a new piece of mancandy, one who will undoubtedly be showing up in future Friday Mancandy blogs. My loyal blog minions, I give you...

...Michaell Fassbender.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! :)

    And good luck juggling those books. Maintaining sanity's a good thing.