Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Road Trip - Days 2 & 3 Survived

Two more days on the road, survived! The cats behaved and weren't terribly traumatized by the ordeal. Sleeping for hours on end will do that to you, I suppose. Even if they were angry with me, a couple of chicken strips pretty much atoned for any crime I've ever committed against them. At least, if the purring was anything to go by.

I spent last night in the Bay Area, where I spent a few hours gabbing over coffee with the one and only Aislinn Kerry before we traipsed off to the theatre for the juicy slashy goodness that is Holmes 2. OMFG. Love that movie. RDJ...*swoon*...
*snerk* I can't help it, I love that pic.

Anyway, this morning, I continued in a southerly-easterly-kind-of-meandering-towards-the-midwest direction. The first few hours of that was spent looking at this:
And I thought the San Joaquin Valley was boring when it was clear.

Eventually, the weather cleared up, and I drove a few bazillion miles through farmland and scrubby scrubland. I didn't take any pictures, though, because FUCK farmland and scrubby scrubland.

I did, however, stop to take these pics:
Why? Because it's pretty.

The obligatory sunset:
Shortly before crossing from California into Arizona, I stopped for gas. And I can I just say, those of you living in that are seriously getting ripped off for gas.

The only real downside to the day is this lovely sinus infection that seems to have set up shop in my upstairs breathing parts. I totally should have stayed in the Bay Area for another day with Aislinn, which I nearly did because of blizzardy conditions on I-40, but then there was a lovely window of clearness and sunshine that I wanted to make it through...without realizing I'd end up feeling like someone hit me in the face with a baseball bat by the end of the day. *sigh* So, since driving through the mountains is not fun during a sinus (and possibly ear) infection, I'm staying an extra day in Flagstaff, AZ, where I will engage in sloth (and likely writing) all day tomorrow before continuing, I think. My notebook is on the other bed, and I'm too lazy to get up and get it (shut up, I'm sick), so we'll just call it Amarillo.

Also, I saw snow up close and personal for the first time in three Arizona. There's something almost poetic about that.

Anyway. I've made it safely to Flagstaff, my debit card's been eviscerated by California gas robbery, I'm sick as a dog, and I totally should have listened to Aislinn and stayed in California for one more day. Live and learn...

Stay tuned for the Flagstaff-to-Amarillo-or-wherever-it-is-I'm-going installment of the road trip adventures!


  1. This song popped into my head as I was reading your adventures.

    Wave hello to my Aunt, she lives in Flagstaff. You may be in the desert, but because of the high elevation it doesn't get hot there as it does in Phoenix. And they get a lot of snow. There's a ski resort just north of the city.

  2. OUCH about the sinus infection. :(

    Holy crap, they really are getting ripped off for gas. It's $3.15 here.