Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hooray for Acupuncture!!

It has come to my attention that crawling around on a hardwood floor behind a palm sander, having a 125 lb floor sander fall on one's leg while pulling said sander down the stairs, and just generally being on one's feet can make a knee rather cranky. My right knee has been especially sore, mostly because it was the victim of the falling floor sander.

I've been taking it easy for the last week or so, hoping it would improve, but it's been sore enough to keep me awake at night (and being an insomniac, I don't need anything else keeping me awake thankyouverymuch). So I finally went to see ye olde acupuncturist.

As always, after a session of turning my knee into a pincushion and waving a giant blunt* over it, it feels MUCH better. The muscles are a bit achy, so I'm taking one more day of slothery to let it heal completely, but the sharp pain and swelling are gone. YAY!

*re: the giant blunt: one of his magic cures involves something that looks and smells just like a large blunt that he holds near the skin -- near enough that you can feel the heat, but he doesn't actually touch/burn the skin. Jokes abound whenever he lights up (so to speak), but in all seriousness, it works remarkably well.

So, with the magic of acupuncture and pretend marijuana, my knee will be fully functional and no longer crabby tomorrow. HOORAY!

On another note...WTF am I going to do without my acupuncturist??? I'm sure there are plenty in Japan (though it's Chinese medicine, it is widespread in Asia)...but I like MINE! Oh well. I'll just have to learn to stab myself to alleviate the pain.

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