Wednesday, September 17, 2008


11 years.
2 full drafts (120,000+ words each) shit-canned.
Countless notes.
Easily over 1,000,000 words written, most of which ended up deleted.
Dozens of plot revisions, character changes, false starts, and general revampings.

As of 12:48 am today:

It's done. My book is done. "Sins of the Father", which JUST got its working title a few nights ago, is done.

125,580 words. 82 chapters. DONE. Over. Fin.

Ok, it's not "done" -- it's not ready to see the light of day yet, it's nowhere near polished enough to be submitted, but it's written. The draft is written. The editing process begins now, and as they say, you can't edit what isn't written.

I'm not sure what my plan will be from here. Most likely, I'm going to put it away (backed up several times over) and let it sit for a few weeks. Then I'll start editing with a fresh eye.

In the meantime, I'll start one of my other books.

But for tonight, I'm just going to open a Bacardi Silver, get on, and play video games, because nothing celebrates a milestone like drinking and pwning some n00bs at Battle Phlinx.

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  1. Well spank my ass and call me Charlie. Who's a clever girl then?

    You may have Wack for one night and ONE NIGHT ONLY.

    I shall look after Jared and rpattz.

    Don't mind me.

    Carry on.

    As you were.