Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Trip Pics & Eddie's Tattoo

Some pronghorn in South Dakota: "RUN AWAY!"

Another pronghorn:
A "scenic overlook" tower somewhere in Iowa. The scenery consisted of cornfields. Obviously. I took this pic, then went to the top of the tower, took a couple more pics, and promptly went back down when we realized that the tower was wobbling in the wind.
Windmills somewhere in Iowa, not far from Des Moines. These things are fucking cool. Later, we saw numerous trucks carrying the blades for them; I knew they were huge, but actually seeing a single blade on the back of a semi is quite impressive. They're easily 60-80 feet long.
One of Annie's other favorite places to ride besides in my lap, Eddie's lap, or behind Eddie's seat: (the crate was on top of the 4 kitty carriers in the backseat)
The Prius, loaded down and bottomed out. The picture is a bit small to see the gas prices that I was so excited about, but it was $2.85 a gallon. This was somewhere in Indiana, if I remember correctly:
What Eddie saw for most of the trip:
What I saw for most of the trip:
And of course, as promised, Eddie's tattoo: (for those unfamiliar with tattooing rituals, the redness around it is just the skin being irritated and will go away; pics to come in a week or so when it all heals and the colors show through in all their glory)

So there you have it. Pictures. Hooray. More to come when I get my tattoo, and after both of our tattoos are healed enough to actually be presentable.

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