Monday, January 26, 2009

Eleventy billion pictures from another day of beaches...

'Twas another fine day in paradise, so we decided to go...*shocked* the beach. Several beaches, actually, because we've been neglecting to collect sand for my mom...who collects sand from various cool places around the world. Armed with Ziploc bags, sticky notes, and cameras, we went off in search of sand, crabs, and whatever else we could find.

First, it was Henza Lagoon, which is actually the first beach we went to after I arrived here. Behold, the power and beauty of...the breakwater: OoooooOOOOOOOooooohhhhh:

Then Eddie noticed something we missed last time...apparently there is a row of those concrete "X" thingies in the water connecting it to another breakwater. Exciting, I know, but it made for kind of a cool pic:

We continued down said breakwater, in search of crabs and other sea creatures.
And of course, why bother walking on that nice, solid concrete walkway, when it's more fun to hop from one "X" to the other? Note to Eddie...hold onto your sunglasses next time...
Once the glorious excitement of the breakwater was over, we promptly found a hermit crab to torment by letting it walk around on Eddie's hand while I took pictures:
Then it saw us, and was duly traumatized...
So Eddie put him on the ground, but continued to take pictures of him because...well...why not?
From there we went to White Beach. I took a bunch of pictures, but they're not much different from others I've posted, so I'll spare you. I did, however, take a picture of one of the little drainage thingies that runs alongside most of the roads. It's not exactly exciting until you realize that a lot of these things are RIGHT next to the road. It's a bit nerve-wracking when you have to decide between being clobbered by a giant sugarcane-laden truck coming the other way, or dropping a tire into one of these little bastards. Puts a whole new perspective on "mind the gap":
Then it was on to Cape Zanpa, where stumbled across a little farm thingy where you could feed the goats and bunnies and stuff. Naturally, we stopped. I took a ton of pictures, but I shall bore you with only one. A goat:
We then wandered across the street to a badass little beach, where we were serenaded by a tone-deaf Kenny G wannabe as we climbed up and down the rocks, collected shells, and otherwise did touristy picture-taking things.
I found a cave:
So naturally, I went INTO the cave...
Being nothing more than a hole in the rock, it wasn't exceptionally exciting, so I didn't stay long.

We drove up the street to the lighthouse. On our way out of the parking lot, we found this sign, proving that while there may be language barriers, pictures really do say 1,000 words:

One of the buildings near the lighthouse:
Yay. So, on to the lighthouse...which was looking properly lighthouse-like...

Then, ADD struck!!!

We heard waves smacking against the cliffs. Hmm, we thought to ourselves. Giant waves smacking rocks??? PHOTO OP!!

But, in order to get to a decent view of the waves, we had to get across this:
Hmm. Looks dangerous. WOOHOO! LET'S GO!

The view was, to say the least, worth the scraped elbows and knees:

Ever see a tidal pool that's 20 feet above the beach? That's how high the waves were coming. I was probably 15 feet away from this pool, but decided that I didn't want to get my camera wet, so I didn't go any closer. As it was, we both got some spray, but not too bad...
The coastline: (We freaking LIVE here!!!)
The lighthouse again...along with all the rocks we had to climb BACK over to get back to the car. LOL Well worth it, though:
So there you have it: More pictures of paradise. Since I'll be gone for two weeks, that should satisfy my quota of "pics of Okinawa on my blog" until I return.

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