Friday, January 23, 2009

First draft #6, in the can.

The Wedding Photographer is done. Roughly 47,000 words, but a lot of the scenes are fairly sparse, so I imagine it'll be well past 50,000 after the first revision or twelve. I'll probably start working on the revision on my flight...good way to pass a few hours.

Tomorrow, I'm starting on All The King's Horses.

Meanwhile, in the grand tradition of first draft completion: Vodka. Video Games. Etc.


  1. Man, Ian and Teri sure DO THE DO in public a lot. THOSE DIRTY FICTIONAL PEOPLE!!

    I'm almost done with PWF and I had to tell you, I totally see why it got an offer so fast. It's GREAT. I don't usually say that about smut, but this is really a great book. Very tight pacing, really well driven. It's got me hooked, and I don't like romance. I've got to keep reading until all my suspicions about the antagonist are proven right.

    Well done, Lori. You rock.

  2. I am going to frame your comment. I love you. Seriously.

    And yes, they do like the public thing. :D I've noticed my protagonists have a very strange aversion to BEDS...

  3. Finally finished. Good stuff.

    You need to clean your mss up a bit more before you submit them, though. Lots of typos, girl!

    Still, awesome work. I can't wait to read the next one, and I'm very curious about All The King's Horses.

  4. Trust me, I went over them with a fine-toothed comb before I submitted them. LOL You got a somewhat rougher copy than the publishers did. (C'mon, give me SOME credit! LOL)

    Glad you liked...ATKH is coming along okay so far, it's just too early to tell if it's going to work or stall. Romance on the horse show circuit...DRAMA!!! LOL

  5. Oh it is GOING to work! You can't dangle that kind of sex in front of someone and then have it not work, it would throw off the balance of the universe.

    No pressure lol

  6. Oh yeah? And how are you going to enforce this empty threat of yours? Hmmm???

  7. Oh, god. Horse show people. This should be a doozy.

  8. I never made any threat I simply said it would throw off the balance of the universe. It will be up the the cosmos to decide what measures will be taken for failure