Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back in Okinawa - and pics!

Oh my God, I always forget how long those flights are. Fortunately, on my flight from Seattle to Tokyo, I had someone to talk to. My friend, Phil, was on the same flight, en route to his exile - er, job - in South Korea. Then I slept on the way to Naha, at least until we had a nice, rough landing that left me worried as hell about my kitties (they were fine, but they weren't happy with me).

Getting the cats from Seattle to Naha was quite the headache. It took forever just to check in for my flight, especially since the chick behind the counter had the I.Q. of a badger turd and her supervisor decided that our "airline approved" cat carrier was not, in fact, airline approved. So I had to transfer Annie from one cage to another in the crowded, noisy airport. Fortunately, she's not a runner, she's a clinger...she held on for dear life until I shoved her back in her cage.

Anyway, after all of that, I finally got on the plane, got to Tokyo, went through the quarantine song and dance, and made it to Okinawa. The cats slept the whole way from the airport to our house, where they promptly decided that I was forgiven. They've spent today catching up on sleep and exploring the house. They also got to go outside for the first time - since our patio is on the second floor, there's really nowhere for them to go, so I don't mind letting them out. They both thought that was pretty cool.

Now then, I've been slacking off when it comes to posting pics of our house here in Okinawa, so I've finally gotten around to correcting that error. So here's some pics of the house, with the cats settling into the same:

Annie has taken over the back of one of the chairs in the living room:
And Midget has found a happy place on the couch: (BTW, the military issued us this furniture...we did NOT pick it out)
And here's our living room: (yes, those are steerhorns above the doorway)
Go Seahawks!! (Hey, we're not fair weather fans here...)
From another angle: (love our ghetto entertainment center...)
And the dining room:
No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is, in fact, a Jackalope in the upper left corner. Here's a better picture of him:
Come on. You're not surprised.

Also hanging in the dining room...guess what Lori's favorite movie is?

Midget, having recovered from the trauma of two lengthy flights, has gone back to her natural state: Underfoot.
Here's Annie looking deceptively dignified...
So there you have it. The cats have made it to Okinawa, and I have finally posted pictures of our digs here. I haven't gotten decent pics of the kitchen, office, or bedroom, but those will come eventually.

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  1. I prefer the term East Asian Unemployment...