Saturday, March 28, 2009

A brief writerly update...

Between Brothers is officially submitted. Well, queried. Either way, it's out there. Break out the antacids and keep your fingers crossed!! Luke Boydston's Baby is next in the query queue, but isn't quite ready yet. I actually *may* already have an editor's interest, I'm just waiting to hear back regarding some questions I sent her. Updates to come.

I started on Turning the Tables last night, and will keep messing with it until the 1st, when I will focus on Close to Home for Script Frenzy. Speaking of Script Frenzy...

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me with some of the forensic info for Close to Home in the last few days, especially Mike. I was worried that I was in over my head with the murder case at the heart of the story, but you all helped me iron out. Hooray!

There. Now you can all sleep tonight.

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