Monday, March 23, 2009

Off the Deep End.

I'm reasonably certain that the only explanation for this is that I'm insane. Maybe I've been driven extra nuts after a day of working on agent queries in a feeble attempt to gain representation for my various writings. Or maybe I just need something to occupy my brain and antacid-consumption while I wait for a response on Camera Shy. Either that, or my brother is right and I really do have ADHD.

Whatever the reason, it all boils down to one thing:

I am certifiably insane.

I have lost my ever-loving mind.

I am...

...participating in the 2009 Script Frenzy.

This is the screenwriter's version of NaNoWriMo (which, as you may recall, resulted in Camera Shy). Instead of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, though, Script Frenzy participants endeavor to write a 100 page screenplay in 30 days.

I've never written a script in my life. Ever. Okay, aside from the script for The X-Files spoof that my friends and I tried to do in high school (which I maintain was much better in terms of story, special effects, and...well...everything than The X-Files: I Want to Believe.) or the equally crappy spoof of Fiddler on the Roof stage production in ninth grade. I've never really had much screenwriting ambition, aside from the odd fantasy of one of my books being converted - by someone else - into a screenplay.

Now, I'm possessed by this notion that I can write a screenplay.

In all seriousness, I think this may be a good exercise for me. My dialogue is by far the weakest point in my writing, and what better way to learn to write dialogue than by writing a script? I don't expect to have the makings of an Academy Award winner when it's done, but with any luck, I'll have a better handle on dialogue, relying less on internal thought, etc. And maybe I'll even have a script worth pawning off on someone who wants to make a low-budget film or something.

But, whatever the reason, the fact remains: I'm doing Script Frenzy. Because I'm insane.

As of April 1, expect to see a new counter on the right side of this blog.

I need pills...


  1. For the record, both of those screenplays were amazing, and made even more amazing by your amazing crew of amazing actors... who were amazing.

  2. I think insane doesn't even begin to cover it ;) Good luck with the Script frenzy.

  3. Very tempting! Enjoy it, sounds like a bundle of fun.

  4. I got really sparked by your entry, that with great enthusiasm I headed to Script Frenzy. Thank you. May join along the way. Wrote an entry on blog about it! Pointed to you.