Sunday, March 8, 2009

A visit to Shuri Castle.

Today we went to Shuri Castle, which is the largest castle on the island. And of course, we took pictures.

Just a funky perspective shot on one of the walls:
Old meets new: Looking over the castle walls at the modern city.
The castle walls from the outside as we were on our way in...
15th century rooftop...21st century cell tower:
From the top, looking down onto the castle walls...
Shi Shi Dog!
The roof of the temple on one side of the castle.
I don't know why I have a thing for taking pictures of rooftops, but I do.
This is inside the main residence in the castle. We had to take our shoes off to walk through the castle, and weren't allowed to take pictures through most of it, but here, we were allowed...

One of many gates throughout the castle...

A flower. How exciting, I KNOW.
The dragon says: "Mmmm, Rooftop...OM NOM NOM..."
Main entrance to the castle...
The palace. Yes, I took some liberties with PhotoShop on this one.
Then, we were hungry, so we went to the little cafe at the visitor center. The sad thing about this is that while we were standing in line waiting to order, Eddie was having a hell of a time deciding between the last two items on the menu...
Sometimes, when unwanted things appear in photos, people just say "Oh, use PhotoShop to get rid of it." And I do. It's usually not difficult, but sometimes it just annoys me.

So sometimes, I take more drastic methods, as in this photo of a lovely path and gateway, tainted by the presence of a damned pigeon.


Stupid pigeon.

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