Monday, August 17, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

As my loyal blog minions are probably well aware, I am never one to miss an opportunity to take pictures of animals. A squirrel on a sidewalk can keep me busy for an hour. Some people are distracted by shiny objects, I'm distracted by fluffy creatures.

Naturally, when we went to the Woodland Park Zoo the other day, my ADD was out in full force, as was my camera. So, loyal blog minions, I shall now inflict photos of various creatures upon you.

And tigers...
And bears...
Otters are always good for some cuteness:
Especially when they're playing...

I'm a sucker for raptors, so I had to get a shot of the Peregrine...
And the owl that was looking at me with least, I assume it's disdain. Birds don't have quite the range of facial expressions as humans. They're more like Keanu Reeves and Steven Seagall in that sense...
This one is just for Scarlett:
I was never aware that the flamingo is a fowl-tempered (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) beast, but these two were fighting the whole time:
This giraffe looked exceptionally pouty and pissy. Probably because the other giraffes were being fed and he wasn't...
"Oh. HAI."
I totally missed a shot of this viper yawning (or doing something that resembled yawning...I'm not sure if snakes DO yawn...but its mouth was open so wide I thought it's head was going to collapse), so you'll just have to settle for this pic:
They even had the new Gerard Butler exhibit open...
Er...*cough*...I mean...

Ahem. Anyway, there's our trip to the Woodland Park Zoo. All hail pictures of fluffy creatures (and hot Scotsmen)!


  1. Nice pictures, Lori. I'd love to feed that last one... ;-)


  2. Aww, I love that otter. So cute. :D

  3. These are great! I love the otter and the "Wassup" giraffe! :D

  4. Hooray!!! For the record, the job I'm wangsting over is at the raptor center at WPZ. The peregrine is called D1 (she's so sweet) and the spectacled owl is Coba. He was definitely looking at you with disdain. He has much disdain for large camera lenses.

    He is in love with me, by the way. He does a sexy dance for me sometimes. <3 I adore him.

    I'm surprised you were able to get fog-free pictures of the frog and the viper. The humidity is hellish in that building!

  5. Libbie - I had a feeling that was the owl that was in love with you. Hahahaha As for the frog and the viper...that's what the brightness/contrast adjustment on Photoshop is for. ;)


    I love otters. :)