Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Blog Entry is Random.

We're still in Seattle, of course. Yesterday, I had a wickedly fun lunch with Libbie, which subsequently spilled over to the local Barnes & Noble, where we acted like morons. Well, not really...we acted like writers. And I'll leave it at that. We also plottered and scheminated a trip to the lovely town of Forks next week. Yes, my loyal blog minions...that town of Forks.

We also decided that we truly need to kidnap Scarlett and meet in Las Vegas, wherein we will drink and act like morons. No, really, I mean act like morons. Why? Because we can.

In other news, we met up with a family I knew from high school and had a kickass dinner. Lots of steak and other such food that we got to eat and you didn't. A good time was had by all.

Tomorrow, we'll be out and about, visiting various people, but I am going to try to get some writing in before we leave. Did about 1,500 words today. Not nearly enough for my taste, but given that I'm on vacation, jetlagged, and it's the first time I've written in days, I'll let it slide. This time.

Friday is going to be a day of wandering around Seattle taking pictures of various things (some of which will likely be the area in which The Best Man took place), so expect a picture-slathered blog entry this weekend.

There. A blog entry full of randomness. Such a thing would not be complete without a random bit of mancandy, so...consider it complete:

Thank you, Mr. Mayer, for filling the mancandy quota of this blog entry.

That is all.


  1. I approve of this blogisode.

    Words, words, words, MAYER.

    Yes. I heartily appreciate this blogisode.

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself.

    Mayer? Mancandy? Pfft.


  3. Somebody's body is a wonderland!


    Seriously, let's start planninating the Vegas trip ASAP. You know I'm going to make you bitches sit through a Penn & Teller show. You can plan the rest of the trip.

    I'm going to The Amazing Meeting 8 next year in July, Will and I are planning another trek to Vegas to see the show again (yeah, it's that good: My long-suffering husband actuallY WANTS to go to it with me even though he'll have to see me make googly eyes all night), and we're going to get together in Las Vegas at some point in the future. Not much can go wrong for me at this rate.