Saturday, May 29, 2010

So far, so good.

Scarlett and I started our "hothouse weekend" yesterday, and aside from a - fortunately thwarted - visit from the migraine demons on her end, it's gone quite swimmingly so far. As it stands right now, she's outlined one novella that promises to be smoking hot, and made progress on another novella that...well...Scarlett's writing it. Of course it's going to be smoking hot.

On this end, I've outlined one novella and part of one new novel, but I've also outlined the massive rewrites of With The Band and Playing With Fire, plus finished tweaking Misdirecting Athena (formerly Through a Glass Darkly). I've started outlining Until Proven Guilty, but that one is going to require some significant research before I can really pin the story line down, so it won't be done this weekend.'s going quite well. I plan to continue this madness tonight and into tomorrow, and by the end of tomorrow night, I will figure out what the hell I'll be working on starting this week. I'm leaning toward the rewrite of With The Band, but we shall see. Misdirecting Athena is calling to me as well. Magicians or musicians...magicians or musicians...

Anyway, back to work. And by "back to work", I mean "back to downloading a bunch of new music to add to my writing playlist...then back to work."

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  1. Damn migraines. Still, I thought it was better to drug myself up and sleep for a few hours than force myself to stay awake and end up feeling hellish.

    "Family Jewels" done...a goodly chunk of "In the Zone" also.

    This weekend will mark the crossroads between two eras. B.F. and A.D.

    Before Fulth and Anal Domini. Or something.